Our offers

At all times, Groupe De Palma wishes to offer personalized and taylor-made services to meet the different needs of its distinguished clientele. Everything is in place to respond to requests in the best possible way. Simplifying your life, this is what Groupe De Palma is committed to in each of its actions.


In a world where personalized services are a priority, Groupe De Palma is committed to simplifying your life through various daily tasks. Our dedicated concierges are always on hand to take care of your to-do list while always offering you a complete, hassle-free and tailor-made service. Indulging in the luxury of time is possible with our private concierge service. In doing so, Groupe De Palma’s concierge will allow you to make room in your busy schedule to enjoy life with those who matter most to you. Take care of what’s most important and precious to you, and let your concierge take care of your weekly shopping, meal management, housekeeping, seasonal chores, your appointments, the organization of your vacations and private events and much more. Our concierges organize all the details of your daily life in order to offer you a unique and personalized solution.


Having built a strong expertise in the business world, Groupe De Palma is able to support you through your various professional achievements. No challenge is too big for us, which is why we always work towards meeting your business needs in the most personalized way possible. Managing the agenda, organizing your business trips and arrival at your destination, taking care of your private transportation or that of your clients, various reservations and much more. Whether it is to offer personalized corporate gifts to your business network, to lend a hand in the daily life of your business by orchestrating team building activities through the organization of signature corporate events, Groupe De Palma concierges will assure that you have motivated, loyal and committed employees to your business.


You are the owner or Manager of a residential building? Let Groupe De Palma come in and allow your resident owners to be in contact with our concierge service at all times. Whether you opt for the presence of one of our concierges on site or for our digital terminals, this alternative will make life easier for the residents of the building who will be able, in an efficient and personalized way, make all their requests in regards to carrying out their personal tasks. Fitting perfectly into the current lifestyle, the presence of your Groupe De Palma Concierge will allow you to offer an attractive added value to your residential and commercial buildings.

White label

With our unique and personalized white label service, you will be able to offer your employees and partners Groupe De Palma’s expertise under the guise of your own brand. Benefit from the quality of the services offered by Groupe De Palma’s concierges without having to incur additional salary costs. A winning addition to your team. Here is a great way to enrich your brand in the eyes of your customers and employees.


To offer you an exemplary and flawless concierge service, Groupe De Palma is happy to offer its concierges private and customized training to enable them to provide you with services that meet your expectations. Following this training, the world of concierge services no longer holds any secrets for them. Over the course of their careers, our concierges are also called upon to stay abreast of the latest trends and novelties, in addition to anticipating customer requests, in order to always offer you the best of concierge services. That is the Groupe De Palma signature.