Would you like to call upon Groupe De Palma’s Concierge services? Nothing’s easier.
Depending on your use of the private and corporate concierge services offered by Groupe De Palma, you may choose the most advantageous package that best meets your needs. Signing up for one of our plans is truly the best way to simplify your life.

A la carte service

You have a spontaneous request or you would like to use Groupe De Palma’s services occasionally? The A la carte service allows you to call your concierge when needed.

The bronze

By choosing this package, you will benefit from 10 hours of concierge services. Ideal for getting occasional help from Groupe De Palma concierges. Enough to help you have optimal management of your agenda.


The silver

Here is a very interesting in-between plan that will allow you to benefit from 20 hours of Groupe De Palma’s concierge services. Your concierge will always be available to assist you and allow you to have more time with those who matter to you.


The gold

Certainly the most comprehensive of our packages, the Gold allows you to obtain 30 hours of Groupe De Palma’s concierge services. Perfect for making life easier for the busiest among us.


The ambassador program

This prestigious program allows our preferred clients to benefit from a single monthly payment for all requests offered to Ambassador members.